Gemini LUHV [Client Files]

My dear friend, sweet sorority sister, and über YouTuber Vanessa Wilson recently lost an impressive 60lbs and needs to revamp her wardrobe.

vanessa wilson
The Background:
The Crafty Gemini (@thecraftygemini), as many of you know her, is a wife, mother of two little ones, homeschooler, YouTuber, craft guru, and organic living goddess. And she does this all whilst running her not-so-little farm in Gainesville, FL. She needs to be functional but still fabulous.

Here is the wardrobe style guide I created for Vanessa.

❶ Shoes

Keep your feet fun. Even if you’re wearing jeans and and a sweatshirt, a cute pair of shoes can make your ensemble look on purpose. I chose these because they’re whimsical, bright, and, most importantly, flat. Marc Jacobs has an entire line of animal themed flats and I’m obsessed with them. So are Beyonce and Blue. Quick Tip: Skip black boots and opt for grey instead (like the Rachel Roy pair in the photo above). Grey is more versatile and can be worn with just about everything.

❷ Daytime
The most important thing to right silhouette! Look, there is a reason Diane Von Furstenburg has made a gazillion dollars with her wrap dresses (see middle pic on the left). It flatters so many different figures! You have a great hour glass shape and are slightly smaller on the top than you are on the bottom. This type of dress creates an especially flattering silhouette on your figure. The v-neck + cinched waist + hemline all add up to hour glass even when you don’t have one. It’s an illusion. If you actually have an hour glass this silhouette is incredibly smexy (smashingly sexy). Other must-have’s and tips.

Mixed your prints! Prints are trending this season, particularly stripes and polka dots. Do not be afraid to mix prints. In fact, I encourage it. Just keep them in the same color family or else it’ll look like Allie and Jonathan dressed you.

There is such a thing as cozy chic. Oversized sweaters and wraps (like ones in the top and bottom left pictures) are great but they can look lazy really fast. Pick ones with textured fabrics, piping, or trim and it’ll look like you spent a fortune when you didn’t.

Layer that mess. Layers either say high fashion or homelessness. The line is fine. Here’s how you layer correctly: Keep the bottom layer tailored or fitted (leggings are fine, denim is better), mix high end with low end, and don’t skip the jewelry.

Dresses are an easy way to look sexy, feminine, and amazing. It’s as simple as that. They’re also easy to accessorize and throw on with little thought.

Funnel necks are the new hoodie. Just kidding. The hoodie was never in. The funnel is across between a turtle and cowel neck sweater. If you’re running to the grocery store (or in your case, getting up to feed the chickens or whatever else one does in the early morning hours on a farm) this sweater makes a perfect pull over.

❸ Accessoriescap

Moms with babies know better than to wear jewelry unless they want to be strangled by said jewelry. Once your children are old enough to be put on the ground, you can start to re-introduce accessories into your wardrobe. For you, I picked pieces that say something about your personality and lifestyle: they’re rustic, artsy, geometric, striking, and unusual. A few of these – like the necklace on the bottom left or the tote on the top right – would make great DIY projects.

❹ Date Night
EveningLets put everything we’ve learned together for a date with yo’ boo. V-neck dress with lots of ruching at the waist (read: hides a multitude of sins, should you have sins to hide), and a subtle split. Large statement earrings, and a bag that should really be framed and displayed over your mantle because it’s just that amazing.

You can find details about each piece on the Pinterest board I created for you. Vanessa W Pinterest

Now go forth and be fabulous on your farm, doll.

❤ Jasmine Carmelle

Need a style overhaul?
Jasmine Carmelle is a brand strategist turned personal stylist and the creator of LUHV, an on demand concierge styling service provided by Jasmine and her team of style sleuths. Click here to send an email for more information about her services or to request an invitation to LUHV.

The Eyeliner That Stays Put

Face washed and scrubbed clean. What remains (other than my rosacia)? My NARS liner! I have been searching for years for one that won’t smudge, won’t bleed, and won’t make me look like a sorority girl on the walk of shame after a few hours of wear. I have found my pot of gold. It’s a Christmas makeup

The honeypot: NARS Black Valley eye paint. Its miraculous. Get it.IMG_20131229_203907

I used to use an angled brush to apply liner but this one works better. I pat the product on rather than wiping it, after using a Q-Tip to remove the oil and moisture. I don’t have to reappy it at all and the color is nice and dark. I loves it.

How To Get a Flawless Finish

photo finishMix your own airbursh-stay-put makeup: Got this recipe from Miss Rainbow on the Wedding Bee. I swapped the Cetaphil Lotion for my Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum. If my skin even hears the word lotion it goes into oil production overdrive. The result was a flawless finish that stayed all day.

Directions: Mix your Studio Fix Fluid with one drop of your face moisturizer and one drop of Monistat Chafing Relief Gel. Apply like so. Look amazing. Thank me later.


How to Turn Your Candles Into Containers

How to turn your candles into containers.

Most candles come in pretty glass jars and holders that can be reused for a host of other things like makeup brushes, jewelry, jelly beans or cotton balls. But how do you clean it of the wax once the candle had burned down to the bottom of the wick, you ask. Easy.

❶ Pour boiling water into the jar, filling it up to the rim.

❷ Let sit for an hour or until the water  cools. The boiling water will rewarm the wax and loosen it from the jar. Most of the wax will rise to the top making it easy to remove.

❸ Using a plastic spoon, or something your don’t mind getting wax all over, scoop the wax out and discard.

❹ If the metal piece securing the wick to the bottom of the jar doesn’t come out easily, boil more water and repeat the process.

❺ Once you’ve removed all of the wax and wicks, clean the jar with soap and water and fill it with whatever your heat desires.

DSC02372 DSC02375 DSC02379