Hydrate Your Situation

My skin has never been drier.

That is one of the downsides to moving to the East. With all the humidity over here one would think my t-zone and thangs would be grease city, but such is not the case. Instead, I am slowly morphing into a lizard.

Naturally, I sought Pinterest for some (cheap, quick, readily available) solutions. My answer was olive oil.

❶ I have never had issues with my cuticles but lately my hands look like I’ve been dipping them chalk after a long day at the factory sweat shop. I trimmed the excess skin then rubbed a few drops of olive oil into each finger. Took some times but they look great. I hope it lasts.

❷ My hair is a whole ‘nutha story. My scalp crazy itches and my locks are looking rather dull. I mixed one egg yolk with two tablespoons of olive oil and the mixture sit on my hair for 10 minutes. I washed and conditioned well after. This is the result: air dried with no additional product. I believe in miracles. (Note: The lighting is making my hair look much lighter than it is. I didn’t dye it.)

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