How To Get Rid of Body Odor

If I have to flee my home with no time to pack and run for the hills before a meteor-caused tsunami swallowed my town whole, I would grab two things: my phone and some rubbing alcohol*. Here’s why.

It De-Funks Your Pits. A couple of swipes of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball under your arms after the shower will kill any remaining funk inducing bacteria.

It’s the Anti-acne Cell Phone Cleaner. Again with the bacteria. Your cell phone collects a ton of it (you know you text on the toilet) and that bacteria is transferred onto your face every time you answer your phone. Clean your cell with a little alcohol on a cotton ball once a day and do your face a favor.

*Okay so I’d clearly grab a few more things, like my Bible, my inhaler and my tweezers (no reason to kick the apocalypse off looking like a fuzzy bear) but you get the point.