About Jasmine

Jas2Jasmine Carmelle is a DC-based brand strategist turned personal stylist with over 9 years of experience helping clients develop their image, vision and voice. Her styling services include wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, locating hard to find items, and day-of event prep. This beauty and lifestyle hacker is known her day-saving tips and tricks which she documents on this site and her YouTube channel. Recently, Jasmine launched LUHV, an on-demand concierge styling service, to make sure her busy clients stay beautiful at all times.

Jasmine is a taste maker with a keen eye for aesthetics and high level connections in the fashion, beauty, technology and business industries. Whether she’s working to help a company re-imagine their brand or dressing an executive for a high profile gala, she curates a flawless presentation.

  • Phillip Ghee

    OK, I know no one likes to here this but, I swear you are the reincarnation of Ava (Agent Orange) of KXLU, The Demo-lition Tapes, fame. I saw you at Baltimore’s African-American festival and I was speechless, I thought I was in a time warp. I use to hang with her, up close and personal. Check her out and her run during the 80’s. You just might be amazed,

    • jasminecarmelle

      Oh wow! I tried Googling her with no luck. What is her real name?

      • Phillip Ghee

        Sorry it took so long. I just happened to come across info on her. I haven’t seen her since the 80’s but I have a good memory. So just picture her in the 80’s better yet contact her and I am sure she will share photos and advice.

        contact her at

        Solana Rehne