How I Keep My Hair Up

I get a lot of people asking how I do my hair and, more importantly, does it take a lot of work to get it to remain upright. Here is the short story of how I get my hair to stay “up.”

❶ I have washed, conditioned, and blotted my hair dry with a towel. My curls are frizzy and very loose. I spent my lifetime cursing my hair, wishing the curls were tighter and more consistent. I have since learned to use what I have to work in my favor. step one
❷ The only product I add after my hair is clean is a bit of mousse. A fraction of what you see here. This is the key to my hair’s volume. My hair is fine and limp, and without the mousse I would never get the lift I am able to achieve. step 2
❸ I work the product into my hair. Sometimes I give myself Gerber Baby curls. Just because. step 3
❹ Using the dryer on it’s lowest setting – so it won’t get my hair too straight – I blow my hair out. If I apply too much heat, I will lost my texture which is needed keep my hair in its upright position. Here is where the frizz works in my favor. step 4
❺ I ready myself with the tools of the trade which include a rat tail comb, a teasing comb, and a clip to section my hair off.step 5
❻ Before I touch my hair with the flat iron, I shower it with a couple of pumps of the Garnier Frutis Brilliantine Shine Spray and Fantasia Liquid Mousse Spritz. One adds shine (obviously) the other will help my style hold.step 6
❼ Using a flat iron, I curl my hair in every different direction.step 7
❽ I use the teasing comb to tease and style my roots using the Samy Skyscraper Volumizing Hairspray to help keep my roots thick and full. Here is the result.step 8
❾ Boom. That’s all folks.

The entire process takes about 30 minutes.

The dirtier my hair is, the better it looks. So the day I wash it is usually the day I struggle with the style. The dirt helps to keep my hair in position and maintain it’s upness. Over the next few days, my hair will require less effort.

Anyway. There you go.