How to Turn Your Candles Into Containers

How to turn your candles into containers.

Most candles come in pretty glass jars and holders that can be reused for a host of other things like makeup brushes, jewelry, jelly beans or cotton balls. But how do you clean it of the wax once the candle had burned down to the bottom of the wick, you ask. Easy.

❶ Pour boiling water into the jar, filling it up to the rim.

❷ Let sit for an hour or until the water  cools. The boiling water will rewarm the wax and loosen it from the jar. Most of the wax will rise to the top making it easy to remove.

❸ Using a plastic spoon, or something your don’t mind getting wax all over, scoop the wax out and discard.

❹ If the metal piece securing the wick to the bottom of the jar doesn’t come out easily, boil more water and repeat the process.

❺ Once you’ve removed all of the wax and wicks, clean the jar with soap and water and fill it with whatever your heat desires.

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